Will You be Dressing Your Home in Green for St. Patrick’s Day?

st.patrick's day

“Lá fhéile Pádraig sona dhaoibh!”  “Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you!” (in Gaelic).  St. Patrick is the Patron Saint of Ireland.   Ever wondered why St. Patrick’s Day is the green holiday?

Originally the color associated with the holiday was blue.  Over time a variety of things inspired the change to green.  Ireland is called the Emerald Isle.  In Ireland, Catholics were historically identified with the color green and still wear that color on St. Patrick’s Day.  It is said that St. Patrick used the shamrock to communicate with the masses about the Christian Trinity and that his passing in the early Spring, also emphasized the use of the color green.  The “wearing of the green” originally referred to those who supported Irish rebellion and wore shamrocks in their hats to indicate their stance.   This is also the day that folks will pinch you if you don’t wear green.  Ever wonder why?  Though there is some discussion on the point, if you wear green it is supposed to make you invisible to leprechauns, who are rumored to be big fans of pinching.

In Texas, besides the requisite parades and parties, we have the San Antonio River running green on St. Patrick’s Day and RiverwalkGreenrenamed “The River Shannon”.  Dublin, Texas says that they are the best place to celebrate all that is Irish in the Lone Star State.  They call themselves the Irish Capital of Texas.  Of course, Shamrock, Texas will certainly challenge this because the Texas Legislature designated them in 2013 as the host of the official St. Patrick’s Day Celebration for the State of Texas.

Will you be dressing your home in green this St. Patrick’s Day?  In interior design, color is a powerful element.  The 2013 color of the year was emerald, and this year green accents from olive to chartreuse are appearing in rooms everywhere.  Bringing the freshness of green into your home with floral arrangements, accent pieces, key furnishings, artwork or candles can set a welcoming stage for spring.

Need to green up your living space?  Never fear.  Antique Stop has the perfect piece to accent any room and help you bring the outside in!   You may be looking for a green that is relaxing and calming or a color pop to liven up a room.  Come visit us at Antique Stop and let us help you celebrate the holiday in style.

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Indulge Your Passion for Jewelry on National Jewel Day

National Jewel Day at Antique Stop

This week we are celebrating National Jewel Day (March 13th).  Why?  It isn’t as if you need an excuse to buy jewelry, but this day is a special time to reflect and purchase shiny trinkets to delight and adorn those that you love.

Texas, as you can imagine, is a place to celebrate a variety of jewels that sparkle.  The San Antonio River Walk has been called the Crown Jewel of Texas.  Jasper, Texas has been named the Jewel of the Forest.  La Jova, Texas means “the jewel”.  Its name is derived from a small lake near the city that early settlers said shone like a jewel.  Musician Jewel (Kilcher) calls her ranch in Stephenville, Texas home.  There have been two Jewel Theatres in Texas, one in Texas City and one in Humble, Texas.  Sadly, both have closed, but signage still stands as homage to their historical shine.

If you are looking for a state gem, Texas designated the Texas Blue Topaz as the state gem in 1969 and honored the Lonestar cut as the official cut in 1977.   Today you might want to read about your own birthstone, or the history of jewelry.   But wouldn’t it be more fun to make some history of your own?

At Antique Stop we offer fun, flirty, sparkling stones along with designs by Unoaerre that reflect classic Italian craftsmanship, or the highly prized Karine Sultan jewelry that is often shown on the red carpet.  Take this opportunity to buy that special piece for your next event, be it lunching with the ladies or an evening on the town.

So on National Jewel Day take time to celebrate that gem in your life or treat yourself to a little flash and dazzle for your favorite new holiday, at Antique Stop!

Mardis Gras is Here – Let the Good Times Roll!

Mardi Gras

Laissez les bons temps rouler – let the good times roll!  It is Mardi Gras and time to celebrate with purple, green and gold!  Mardi Gras means “Fat Tuesday” in French.  “Fat Tuesday” begins the 40 days of Lent, a time for fasting in Christianity.  When people reference Mardi Gras, they may be talking about the entire holiday that begins on Twelfth Night (January 6th) and ends on Ash Wednesday, or they may just be talking about the Tuesday celebration.

Originating from medieval European roots, Mardi Gras came across the sea to the American colonies in 1703.  The first Mardi Gras was celebrated in Fort Louis de la Mobile (which is now Mobile, AL).  Secret societies formed that were the herald of today’s Mardi Gras krewes.  New Orleans was established in 1718 and by the 1730’s, Mardi Gras was celebrated there. In the 1740’s, New Orleans hosted elegant society balls during the holiday.

The name by which Mardi Gras is informally known is Carnival.  This name was first used in 1781 and marked the beginning of the clubs and organizations formed in New Orleans to enlarge the festivities.  Street processions, the first parades, began in the late 1830’s and by 1870 they were throwing trinkets to the celebrants.

Traditionally Mardi Gras revelers dress in masked costumes and celebrate with music, food and drink.  If you are planning the perfect Mardi Gras event, make sure you prepare rich and spicy Cajun dishes and Coasterstop off the evening with a king cake. The colors of purple for justice, green for faith, and gold for power continue to represent Mardi Gras today and adorn the cake.  If you receive the piece of cake with the toy baby in it, you are said to receive wealth and luck.

When entertaining for Mardi Gras, make sure you bring out the bling.  Elegant and decorative coasters can add glitter and glamour to your tables and serve as a wonderful take home gift for your guests. The rich jeweled colors work perfectly with the purple, green and gold of the season.  Antique Stop offers a beautiful selection of coasters, champagne flutes, jeweled goblets and candlesticks to create the ideal party atmosphere.

Come by Antique Stop soon and get ready to host the perfect Mardi Gras celebration!

Historical Information:  http://www.mardigrasneworleans.com/history.html


Name that Window Treatment – Drapes, Curtains or Draperies?

Drapes, Draperies and CurtainsDid you know that your choice of name for soft window coverings could have something to do with where you live?  According to CurtainWorks®, those in the South and Midwest probably call them drapes, those in the Northeast or West Coast call them curtains and those who live close to a major metro area call them draperies!    But, what’s in a name?  No matter what moniker they go by, these window treatments can be as traditional or as sleek and modern as your furnishings.

You probably won’t be surprised to learn that curtains/drapes/draperies were created to serve a practical function.  In the past, before temperature controlled abodes, these treatments could keep out the heat and cold that leaked in around early windows and openings.  They also defined internal spaces and created privacy.

We’ve come a long way from draping hides over doorways and hooks to the advanced textiles created by hand weaving, dying and the mass-produced fabrics of the 1840’s.  As these textiles became more available to all, architects and decorators began to weave window treatments into their designs.  The change in population density and city dwellings such as apartments, encouraged the use of window coverings for privacy once again.

In the age of central air and heat, we have the flexibility to focus on design, style and architectural detail as well as function.  Window treatments can be formal or casual depending on your room’s aesthetic and practical needs.  Well-designed window coverings can add color to liven up a room, trimming for refined tastes, the appearance of height with floor-to ceiling panels, a light airy feeling with sheers, or cohesion with complementary and matching prints to tie a room together.

Whether you have a vision for the perfect look to frame your space, or are overwhelmed by the choices, at Antique Stop, we can help.  Our interior design specialists will work with you to create draperies as unique as the style of your home.  Drapes, curtains or draperies?  No matter what you call them, you can reflect your exclusive style with window treatments.

Historical References – http://www.designsponge.com/2011/03/past-present-history-of-curtains.html

Artwork for the Kitchen

Antique Stop Kitchen Art

In the suburban landscape, kitchen artwork can vary from crayon drawings and finger painting to fine masters hung in unexpected places.  The most important component is what memories the artwork invokes.

Art can be your inspiration.  It can add warmth, color and texture to your kitchen.  A pop of color can lift your mood and add energy to today’s often neutral kitchenscapes.  Art provides a way to add modern notes to traditional spaces or a gallery-feel to a modern design.  Paintings can remind you of your favorite landscapes and bring the outside in.

The kitchen is the heart of the home.  Where else would you want to display art that evokes emotional connection?  Cooking, eating, aromas and conversations are all shared in the family kitchen.  Does your kitchen inspire whimsy?  Portraits of barnyard scenes or roosters may suit your fancy.  Want to connect with an outdoor inspiration? Perhaps water scenes and parks are the views you want to bring inside.

According to HGTV, in their “What’s New in Kitchens” 2014 section, antique kitchen decorating ideas top the list.  They say that artwork including paintings, drawings or etchings from historical eras can “liven up any kitchen wall”.  Whether it is a large piece or a collection of smaller items with a similar look and feel, decorating your kitchen with artwork allows you to add a new dimension to your gathering space.

Trying to envision the perfect look for your kitchen gallery?  Antique Stop has an online display to help inspire you.  Whether it is one special piece, or several items to complement your favorite space, we hope you will come visit Antique Stop to browse through our art selection.  Let us help you infuse your kitchen with style and warmth and the perfect touches of art.


Jewelry Shines as a Valentine’s Gift We Love!

Valentine's Day at Antique Stop features Karine Sultan jewelry

Did you know that approximately 150 million Valentine’s Day cards are exchanged annually?  Or that Valentine’s Day is celebrated in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, France, Australia and is expanding across the globe?

Valentine’s greetings have been popular since the Middle Ages.  In fact, the oldest known Valentine still in existence was a poem written in 1415.   According to History.com, Americans started exchanging hand-made Valentine’s in the early 1700s.  Printed cards became popular in 1900 and now a billion Valentine’s Day cards are sent annually!

To commemorate this day for that someone special, jewelry, flowers and candy round out the top three gifts that people purchase to express their love.  Beautifully made pieces of jewelry in silver and gold shine and sparkle as the perfect Valentine’s gift.  At Antique Stop, we focus on offering unique and distinctive items, those special finds!  This holiday we are spotlighting the Karine Sultan jewelry line from France that is a favorite of Hollywood celebrities and seen at many red carpet events.  As a designer with a distinctive point of view and vision for costume jewelry, Sultan has set out to design timeless and stylish pieces at affordable prices.  Each piece is a work of art that exhibits pride of craftsmanship.  You might have seen Jennifer Lopez, Halle Berry, Giuliana Rancic, Nicole Scherizinger or Brooke Burke sporting Karine Sultan designs.

Whether you are planning on gifting your best friend, sister, mother, significant other or wife with jewelry for Valentine’s Day, we hope you will visit Antique Stop to find a gift that shines as bright as your love.  Happy Valentine’s Day!

Chips, Dips and Super Bowl Tips

GG Collection Chip and Dip

For the die-hard football fans, it is the game.  But on Super Bowl Sunday there are friends, food and fun to complement the sports action.  And, don’t forget the commercials!

For it’s eighth year in a row, Doritos offered its “Crash the Super Bowl” contest to fans and followers alike.  Consumers chose one user-generated commercial and Dorito’s marketing team selected another.  This year the competition is available in all 46 countries where Doritios are sold. The top-fan getter will win a million dollars with the runner- up receiving $50,000!   The winners will also get to work on the set of “Marvel’s The Avengers:  Age of Ultron.”

Speaking of chips, did you know that they were invented in Saratoga Springs, NY in 1853, but didn’t become big as snack items until the 1920’s? Native American chef George Crum is credited with creating “Saratoga Chips”.  Herman Lay brought them to the South in 1944 with the Lay’s name.  Further to the west, Rebecca Webb Carranza popularized the tortilla chip in the late forties in Los Angeles.  Timing is everything and finger foods became the ‘50’s rage in front of those new-fangled TV sets.  Thus chips became a television-watching food of choice.

Diners have been dipping food into a variety of sauces for hundreds of years.  Hummus, which originated in the Mediterranean, has a long history as a flavorful dip and is still popular today. Salsas and dips with sour cream became popular in the 1950’s along the time that Lipton Soup Company was coming up with soup and sour cream mixtures to use as dips.  Food Network star and chef Alton Brown hints that dip is defined based on its ability to “maintain contact with its transport mechanism over three feet of white carpet”. Let’s hope this is not tested at your Super Bowl party!

The first chip and dip sets appeared in the 1950’s, and were promoted for serving salads and displaying flowers along with their use as containers for flavorful foods and sauces.  Our GG Collection Chip and Dip Server is often recommended for pastas and sauces along with the traditional party fare.

This Super Bowl Sunday, enjoy the warmth of friends, food and family.  Come by Antique Stop and get those last minute coasters or serving pieces to showcase your Super Bowl spread and enjoy the celebration!

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